FLEX 24V Cordless 1 inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer FX1551A-Z-PTR

2021-12-08 08:14:36 By : Mr. jack song

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The Flex 24V cordless 1 inch SDS-Plus rotary hammer transfers our coverage to masonry and makes various tasks more convenient by adding interchangeable 1/2 inch keyless chuck standards in the box. Use fewer toolkits to achieve more functions, and ultimately reduce the number of times to return to the toolbox.

Flex provides two cordless electric hammers, this model is the more powerful of the two. If you are looking for something lighter, check out their 7/8 inch electric hammer here.

For this model, you are looking at an electric hammer with a sensorless brushless motor that can provide up to 980 RPM, 4350 BPM, and 1.9 ft-lbs of impact energy (2.6 joules). With this level of performance, you can drill 1 inch in concrete, 1/2 inch in steel, and 1 3/16 inch in wood.

The adjustable knob on the side allows you to quickly switch between three drive settings: rotary drilling mode, hammer drilling mode and hammer drilling mode. In addition to the drive settings, there is a position to adjust the chisel angle between the hammer drill mode and the hammer drill mode.

Another notable feature is the interchangeable chuck. Quickly and easily change from SDS-Plus to a keyless 1/2 inch all-metal chuck, making the tool more versatile. This is a very convenient addition because you can quickly switch between tool applications and materials. Electricians can drill a 1-inch hole in the cinder block wall to transition to a 1/2-inch keyless chuck, and use a tool to rough machine the inner 2×4 stud!

Flex is not the only brand with interchangeable chucks, but by including two chucks in the box, you can easily make the most of them.

My attention was immediately focused on the overall ergonomics of the handheld tool. The main handle is a bit too big, but it fits my medium hand.

The adjustable fore grip helps keep the hammer stable during use. Like other electric hammers, you can rotate the handle 360°. However, when you use the depth bar and want to rotate the handle to the right hand, the housing does limit the position of the handle.

The combination of the two handles makes it easy to control when drilling a few holes in some of the 4000 PSI concrete we used for testing.

Flex adds an isolated handle design to suppress vibrations reaching the trigger hand. Finally, they use a two-finger trigger to reduce some of the finger fatigue that may occur during a long day.

In terms of weight, the tool weighs 7.1 pounds with a side handle and a depth bar, and 9.3 pounds with a 5.0Ah battery. You can reduce some weight and use a 2.5Ah battery for smaller jobs, or if you need a longer runtime, skip to an 8.0Ah battery pack. However, we like the weight/performance combination of 5.0Ah.

One feature we want to see is some kind of anti-rebate mechanism. The risk of bit jams is a problem with any bit, and may be a problem that Flex will consider in future models.

Naked tools can be purchased at Lowe's for $299. At the time of writing this article, this tool is not yet available as part of a kit or combination. Flex provides you with a 5-year standard warranty. If you register a new tool within 30 days of purchase until December 31, 2021, they will provide a lifetime warranty.

The performance of Flex's cordless 1-inch electric hammer hitting concrete fully meets our expectations of professional-grade models. Although there is still room for improvement, if you have committed (or considered committing) to use Flex's 24V system, there is no reason to avoid this model.

If you want to know more about the difference between electric hammer and hammer drill, we can provide service for you. Check out the links below, we will learn more about the differences and applications of each tool.

Electric hammer VS electric hammer | look inward

For more information about the Flex 24V series, click here

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