Makita 1-3/16 inch rotary hammer | HR3001CK and HR3011FCK-PTR

2021-12-08 08:14:30 By : Ms. Berry Xie

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Makita just launched two 1-3/16-inch corded electric hammers to improve the accuracy and ergonomics of concrete forming machines, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, steel workers and general contractors. SDS-Plus HR3001CK and HR3011FCK electric hammers have a niche size of 1-3/16" on the market. They use an L-shaped design to make these tools more accurate and comfortable to use.

Makita Rotary Hammers have almost the same feature set. In addition to the SDS-Plus chuck, which is adapted to the somewhat unusual 1-3/16" bit size, both have three operation modes: "rotation only", "rotation hammering" and "hammering only". Set to In hammer only mode, you can set the drill bit angle in various positions.

The current of the two Makita hammers is 7.5 amperes, which can generate 3.9 J of impact energy, and can provide up to 4,500 impacts per minute. In any rotation mode, you can get up to 840 rpm no-load speed. Both Makita 1-3/16" rotary hammers have a constant speed control function, which can automatically apply additional power to maintain speed under load.

Although both models have shock-absorbing rubber handles, HR3011FCK has the advantages of Makita's anti-vibration technology. According to our experience, this internal balance system does a good job of eliminating the large amount of vibration that may plague these heavy-hit tools.

The HR3011FCK with an inconvenient name can also be used with the DX10 airborne dust collector. This addition allows the electric hammer to comply with OSHA Table 1. However, HR3001CK does not provide this option.

Finally, these two Makita 1-3/16" rotary hammers are equipped with large multi-finger variable speed triggers and LED work lights.

Although HR3001CK seems to take longer to be on the shelves, you can now find the HR3011FCK electric hammer. Its retail price is US$319. Both Makita 1-3/16" corded hammers come with a 1-year warranty.

For more information about the Makita rotary hammer, click here.

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