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2021-12-08 11:56:03 By : Ms. Helen Ge

have you heard of it? Of course you have. There is a new Covid "scarant" called Omicron. At first, it didn't look as deadly as the other variants. In fact, it had been in Europe for some time before it was "discovered" in South Africa. But the really good news is that having this “terrible” gives the Democrats an excuse to deal with inflation, more mail-in voting, and all the other disasters that Biden’s guardians have caused us.

There is a dispute between Congressmen and conservative millionaire Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania's election for the Republican seat in the Senate. MP refuted the fake news that Oz is not a Pennsylvania resident, but in fact he is. If he is not, he will not be allowed to escape. Libs forgets that Hillary Clinton did the same thing when she changed her place of residence to New York, so that she could become a candidate for the Senate. Freer hypocrisy or sheer ignorance.

After the Rittenhouse trial, an African-American father and his 16-year-old daughter marched with protesters on the streets of Kenosha. Both men carry AR-15 rifles. They were not shot by the police as some people on Sound Off predicted. They were not arrested or even disturbed by anyone. This is a peaceful incident because there are no violent anarchists, thugs or looters attacking them. The gun is not a problem. The violent person is!

Although condemned by the left, including Sen at the time. Kamala Harris, Trump used low oil prices to fill strategic oil reserves. This decision involves protecting the interests of our allies as well as protecting our own interests. Who knows that the impact on the system is self-inflicted. Moving from energy independence to relying on those who have hurt us and will hurt us again is treason.

Those who are screaming about ending unemployment benefits so that people can return to work now support paying people to quit their jobs and refuse to receive Covid injections so they can sit at home and collect them. Red states like Florida started it, and more and more people joined in. Paying for people to increase Covid numbers. unbelievable.

Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber can only be described as getting the earth scum they deserve. Professional criminals with a history of violence who should not be allowed out of prison. They joined forces to attack a citizen who had legally protected himself and his family from violent mobs. If you feel sorry for them, not what Kyle Rittenhouse experienced, then you are part of the problem.

Apart from me, has anyone noticed the hypocrisy of the Mississippi Attorney General: "We want to take the decision-making power away from the courts and give it to the people." The state assembly is not the people. Pregnant women are humans. What he really wants to say is, "We want our employees to make decisions for others."

The shooting at the Michigan school is of course meaningless. A young man with poor mental health received a Sig Sauer pistol as a Christmas gift. What could go wrong? The parents of these two students should be held responsible for the deaths of these students. Let us hope! RIP Madisyn Baldwin, RIP Tate Myre, RIP Hana St. Juliana, RIP Justin Shilling

So now, Eric Baldwin, who murdered liberal elites and insanity will never Trump, said that he didn't pull the trigger of the pistol, and he pointed and fired at the film crew intently. He said that the gun just went off by itself. Baldwin, like all lunatics who oppose the Second Amendment, embarrassed himself by proving that he knew nothing about how guns work.

Can Man, you sound like the Wizard of Oz predicting how the new virus will affect the body. None of us knows what effect it will have on the lungs, heart, or anything else. We will have to wait and see. Don't play scientist

Globalists own and control MSM and the Democratic Party, and the latter seems to control Antifa and BLM, or at least support these two organizations. Then the rest of us tried to understand all the nonsense thrown at us every day. But we cannot describe these activities. We can't seem to hear the ears of our representatives in Congress.

Hey lefty, I'm one of those conservative gun fanatics who applauded Rittenhouse's verdict. I also applaud Ahmaud Arbery's verdict! Two completely different situations! Rosenbaum and Huber got what they deserved! There are two fewer criminals destroying the streets!

I have been a gun owner since I was a teenager. I have held a Pennsylvania carrying permit for more than 30 years. I believe Governor Wolfe correctly vetoed this bill. Do you want mentally ill, homeless people with guns? Some of your neighbors? I believe that many people do not carry it legally because they worry about not being able to obtain a permit. These people will now be allowed to carry pistols.

The CEO of IKEA was elected Prime Minister of Sweden. He should align his cabinet before the end of the weekend.

Biden and Dr. Fauci are happy that they have discovered a new virus to implement their intimidation tactics, and have instituted a travel ban to Africa for safety reasons. If Biden and Fauci want to protect us, they will impose travel bans on Mexico and South America and all other southern countries that invade the United States, and block and close our borders.

Biden, AG Garland, and his group of happy clowns believe that the number one threat to public order is the "Supremacist" crowd and parents protesting on the school board. I support the eradication of "Suprematists". Let us focus all our resources, manpower and energy on combating the threat of "Suprematism". Compared with the threat of "Supremacy", urban crime, border violence, and robbery are not a problem for the "Reconstruction of Good" agenda. Let us hunt down the "Supremacists".

The ghostwriter said that the stock market is full of inflated U.S. dollars, and future generations will pay for it. If this is the case, I just bought a hybrid car and paid a high price for it in cash from the stock market in exchange for inflated U.S. dollars

I saw that we are Republican governors and they pay people not to get vaccinated. If they go to the feed store to take the animal repellent, can they still get the money? Or use bleach or bright light! It seems they want President Biden to fail even at the expense of the Americans!

Hey Jim Fitch, it's the dollar tree that once sold everything for a dollar. The selling price of Dollar General's products always exceeds this price!

Margo Davidson (D), the disappointment from Delco that was caught double-dipping on reimbursements from 2015-2019 was elected in 2010. Makes you wonder about the first 5 years and who else hasn't been caught.

Aboriginal Australians have the oldest continuous culture on earth, with a history of more than 40,000 years. If a woman gives birth during a drought, she will ritually kill the child and eat it to return her spirit to her so that she can be born at a better time. Is she the murderer? It does not belong to her culture, nor does it belong to her tribe. I don't want to hear your "modern" point of view. If you are not the relevant person, it is easy to blame.

When answering Jay Miller’s question about masks, I said that the beautiful cotton masks worn by adults and children all day do not work, not the N95 masks worn by nurses and doctors in hospitals. Look around and stop criticizing!

I hope Joe Biden’s reconstruction broker program can provide some funds for the prison. Too many professional criminals have been released early or without cash bail, because our prisons may not have enough space. Now let us build enough prison space and prevent repeated crimes.

My bride, always a romantic type, sent me a text message. "If you are sleeping, send me your dreams. If you are smiling, please send me your smile. If you are eating, give me a sip. If you are drinking, please give me a sip. If you cry, send me your tears. I love you!" I, usually not romantic, replied, "I'm in the bathroom. Please advise! I love you too!"

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